21.1 Some roots to communicate

A journey to re-conect with our Peruvian Amazonian ancestors and to honour their cosmovision. They lived as one with the jungle, with the animals and their spirits. There was no hierarchy and sense of possesion. They all lived in perpetual harmony. This re-conection shows into a collection that mixes the color of the Peruvian AmazonianRead more ⟶

Artisanal Hats

We pay tribute to our ancestors and our heritage. Our hand-made hats are made from Bombonaje natural straw in Rioja, San Martín, Perú. A hat takes two weeks to be made. This artisanal process, does not use much water and enery, does not generate waste and values the work of the Peruvian-Amazonian artisan.    

Organic Cotton

All our t-shirts, sweatshirts and knits are made with Organic Tangüis Peruvian cotton. Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton, grows in a land free of chemical pesticides and herbicides and is not a GMO seed. It is hand-picked giving farmers a great value to their work and it uses 71% less water thanRead more ⟶

La Revolución

We are so grateful for you and just wanted to tell you a little bit our “La Revolución” movement. We found there is nothing more revolutionary than to dig down into your inner self and discover what´s inside. We believe that once you are capable to know your true self , you are capable toRead more ⟶