Artisanal Hats

We pay tribute to our ancestors and our heritage. Our hand-made hats are made from Bombonaje natural straw in Rioja, San Martín, Perú. A hat takes two weeks to be made. This artisanal process, does not use much water and enery, does not generate waste and values the work of the Peruvian-Amazonian artisan.    

Organic Cotton

All our t-shirts, sweatshirts and knits are made with Organic Tangüis Peruvian cotton. Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton, grows in a land free of chemical pesticides and herbicides and is not a GMO seed. It is hand-picked giving farmers a great value to their work and it uses 71% less water thanRead more ⟶

La Revolución

We are so grateful for you and just wanted to tell you a little bit our “La Revolución” movement. We found there is nothing more revolutionary than to dig down into your inner self and discover what´s inside. We believe that once you are capable to know your true self , you are capable toRead more ⟶