La Revolución

We are so grateful for you and just wanted to tell you a little bit our “La Revolución” movement.

We found there is nothing more revolutionary than to dig down into your inner self and discover what´s inside. We believe that once you are capable to know your true self , you are capable to start building, growing, loving, forgiving and caring.

Also, revolutions are all about to fight for social justice and in benefit of it as well; we know that love, empathy, kindness, freedom and solidarity are key values to change our society, and that is the kind of revolution we embrace.

Our mission is to start an evolution in our society and we want you to be a part of it. So, whenever you have the opportunity, be kind.

All our pieces come with a LA REVOLUCIÓN  hand made embroidery, so you always have our message with you.

Also the come with a T13SP hand made embroidery. So, what is The 13 Snake Project // El Proyecto de la Serpiente 13 ?. Thirteen is a great age; when teens are aware of their physical self and it is when us, as grown up people, have the responsibility to teach them to accept and love themselves. Snakes change skin, they are always evolving, just like us. Revolution comes from evolution.